Our Location


Portugal’s Most Popular Summer Destination

The Varandas do Castelo complex is built in a modern and uncluttered architecture, with a south/southwest orientation, offering beautiful panoramic views of the ocean and the Algarve coast. This little piece of heaven aims to offer its residents a peaceful atmosphere in Portugal, which is one of the safest countries in the world (ranked 4th in the international list of safe countries).

Seaside Proximity

Discover Paradise Steps Away

Immerse yourself in coastal bliss at Varandas do Castelo, perfectly positioned just 2 minutes from the pristine Praia do Castelo and a mere 3 minutes from the enchanting Praia do Evaristo. Bask in the sun and surf at two of Algarve’s finest beaches, right at your doorstep. Your idyllic seaside escape awaits.

Beyond the Horizon

A Tapestry of Activities Awaits

Indulge in the luxury of choice at Varandas do Castelo. Dive into our beautiful swimming pool, wander through lush gardens, then venture into a world of possibilities. Discover sun-kissed beaches, savor local flavors at fado restaurants, explore charming Portuguese shops, follow scenic walking trails, and immerse yourself in summer festivals. With Algarve’s 360 days of sun per year, every moment is a promise of joy. Your escape is not just a destination; it’s an experience.

Padel Club in Albufeira


Embark on a padel adventure at PADEL4MOVE, the local padel sanctuary featuring 4 panoramic courts and 2 covered courts, accompanied by a lively bar and an inviting swimming pool! The dynamic team of young enthusiasts ensures top-notch service, creating an energetic atmosphere for players of all levels. Immerse in the exciting world of padel, where the sport seamlessly blends with the stunning surroundings. Post-game relaxation awaits at the bar and pool area, providing a complete and satisfying experience for valued customers. Accessible through the main entrance of Hotel Paraíso or the side entrance next to Luna Solaqua, PADEL4MOVE stands as the destination for a perfect fusion of sports and leisure.